Miyazaki: The Great Artist

Ghibli Posters

My boyfriend got me this beautiful collection of Ghibli movie posters from Etsy. I apologize, the photo quality isn’t the best.


The Studio Ghibli Museum

A place to go that is definitely on my bucket list is the Studio Ghibli Museum located in Mitaka, Japan. The architect is Miyazaki himself. The place is filled with Ghibli art and exhibits of scenes and characters of the films. Check it out!

Studio Ghibli Museum website

Relaxing Ghibli Music

One thing Studio Ghibli is known for are the powerful soundtracks of their films. My boyfriend and I will listen to piano versions of the soundtracks on YouTube while we’re studying. I will provide a link for this if anyone wishes to listen to them.

relaxing Ghibli piano music

Why Do This?

I know what you’re thinking. “There’s so many blogs and pages about Miyazaki so how is this one going to be any different?”

Simple. It’s different because it’s mine. I simply created this blog to show my appreciation for the Japanese artist Hayao Miyazaki. Maybe no one will see it, maybe a lot of people will see it. But mainly it’s just to show my appreciation. There will be some links here and there on Miyazaki and Ghibli things I find interesting. Any art displayed on this page is not mine and belong to the rights of Studio Ghibli and respectful artists. I hope you guys will enjoy this.

Howl’s Moving Castle

This is personally my favorite Miyazaki movie. I remember first watching it with my dad when I was 7 years old. It was so odd yet I was so intrigued. It tells the story of a young girl named Sophie. She works in her family’s hat shop and finds herself and her life particularly average.

While closing shop one night, a wicked witch of the Waste comes in and curses Sophie with a spell that turns her into an old woman. The witch also cursed Sophie with never being able to speak about the spell. The witch disappears and Sophie sets out the next day to find the witch but stumbles upon Howl, a wizard, and his moving castle instead.

There she finds the comfort in new friends and acceptance in herself. She also discovers some of Howl’s dark secrets.

Howl’s Moving Castle Dub
Here is a link to view the movie if you would like.

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